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Brindza winery, although recently established, has managed for a short period of time to have regular guests which we as wine makers and caterers find pleasing. Increasing interest of visitors in our wines is an obvious sign that we are on the right way to tell a wonderful ‘story’. We hope you will be part of it.

Brindza family is famous for ‘Capriolo’ bike factory. The founder started wine production as a hobby and this idea soon led to the establishment of a company with ambitious plans for the future.

The winery is situated near Bačka Topola on the family estate with restaurant, rooms and other facilities. In the vicinity of winery, there is a Hunting lodge and restaurant ‘Capriolo’ which can host 150 guests.

Vineyards are located about 15 km away from the cellar on Telečka plateau between the settlements of Krivaja and Gornja Rogatica.

The first harvest was in 2011 when the winery in its present state was built. The first wines were made that year, which proved to be a very good year with vintage that yielded some good quality wines.

Vinarija Brindza

Grapes are processed by reductive method which is the latest technology. The cellar has capacity of 40 thousand liters a year with growing tendency. Wines are characterized by typical expressive, intense aroma, balance of acidity and power, nobility of world varieties with combination of the quality of local land.

The winery is located in Vojvodina in the heart of North Bačka close to Bačka Topola on the traditional grange which is still active. The restaurant ‘Capriolo’ with national house, where our guests can see the mixture of modern and traditional, belongs to the winery.

Besides the wine production, we also arrange tourist visits for all wine lovers. You can visit our vineyards, winery and barrique cellar for wine degustation.

Come and visit us and see for yourself that, besides the top quality wines, Brindza winery also offers accommodation and relaxation to all visitors.

For individuals or group visits it is necessary to book first.

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